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About Coaching

We can't solve problems using the same thinking we used to create them.

Albert Einstein

This is the essence of Coaching. Transformational or Mindset Coaching helps you unlock with clarity the confidence to lead a truly authentic life built on your values. One that isn’t determined by external ideals or caught up in familial expectations from your past. Our programs are designed to help you live a life that you love by:

Improving confidence and inner self reliance

Gaining clarity on your values, boundaries and uniqueness

Living purposefully and not on auto-pilot

Having an empowered and meaningful relationship with yourself and others

Removing symptomatic blocks that hold you back from living your desired life – such as procrastination, fear of judgement, self sabotage, people-pleasing, perfectionism.

About Me

Firstly, a huge welcome!

My name is, Andrea, and I am the Founder of The Butterfly Effect.  I am so excited that you are here; that you are exploring your inner world journey, coaching, and how it can positively supercharge your life.

My passion, through our 1-1 coaching programmes, online training portal and membership community is to help people like you live your dream, become your most authentic self and make a difference through meaningful action.

For me, the butterfly represents transformation, and this is what I wish for each and everyone of my clients.  The decision to stop hiding your true beauty and authenticity, and instead proudly unfurl your wings and be seen for the wonderful, colourful and uniquely individual person that you are.

If you’re struggling with any of the inner voices I was, you have probably become increasingly aware of the disparity between your inner desires and the imprisonment of your mind which has led to you feeling that you’re not good enough, not brave enough to strive for all that you are capable of and that ‘this is as good as it gets’.

I remember the feeling of a ticking clock, of being stuck in the stories of my past and literally wanting to switch my head off.  My inner critic was on a rampage and I felt like I was driving myself crazy.  

And so began my journey back to myself, back to my love of human behaviour, back to my innate spirit.    I have read, and continue to do so, books on energy healing, psychology, mindset and meditation.  I am a genuinely happy and obsessed life-long learner which I utilise to support my clients achieve the outcomes they want in their lives.  I have studied coaching through the world renowned ‘The Coaching Institute’ and am a member of the International Coaching Guild.

I have developed my content for women who want to take action and stop playing small.  You will find me a truly supportive and championing coach and yet someone who will challenge you and not buy-in to prior limitations.  Coaching acknowledges the past, but doesn’t play there.

Book in for a complimentary call today as my gift, and together let’s explore how you can be the purposeful creator to everything you want to experience in your life. 

For if not NOW, then when?

Andrea x