Are you still playing the ‘good girl’ role?

Guess what? I’m going to start with a truth bomb………..  

I used to be a perfectionist!  Yup, an absolute shocker!

It’s taken me a long time to throw off the shackles of perfectionism and the role of being a ‘good girl’ and I’m curious how this good girl identity has played out in your life?  

For me, it certainly amped up when I became a wife and mother as I ran around trying to be perfect and look like I had all my sh*t together whilst also still working and doing all of the other things we as women juggle.  I was running on empty and trying to be all things to all people (except myself!)

I’m pretty confident I’m not alone here…………….

We strived to be `good’ because that’s often when we got praised. Our caregivers were happy when we were quiet, towed the line or only expressed our feelings and emotions within the confines of their own emotional range. And so we learnt to base our feelings of self-worth, love and enoughness on external factors, rather than our internal guidance system.

It served us as children, because we were desperate to fit in with our tribe.

Does it serve us now, probably not!

So, how much is the ‘not good enough’ self-talk showing up in your life?

Perhaps, it’s more self-worth for you?  Where you take it to heart if someone criticises you or your work.

If you’re like the other women I have the privilege of working with, you are probably at the point where being all things to all people and keeping up the perception of being `good’ or `perfect’ has seen you run yourself into the ground and lose touch with what makes you happy.

So, if it’s time for you to drop the perfectionism and people-pleasing and you are ready to embrace all that YOU are and truly live life on YOUR terms, let’s connect.


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Andrea x

Written by
Andrea Davey

Andrea Davey

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