If you’re gonna make sh*t up, make it good!

The human brain is fascinating, at least that’s what I geek out on  and I know I maybe alone here!  The brain cannot distinguish between what is real and imagined which is why meditation and visually calling in your desired future is so powerful.  It’s also why when people are asked to recall a particular situation they will notice different things, based on their own internal filters.

When I say filters, I’m talking about our unique blend of childhood experiences, good and bad, and the meanings we attached to them.  The cultural, societal, religious, economic, educational  and familial `norms’ we experienced as well as our place in the pecking order of siblings and the `roles’ we adopted to feel secure and loved in our little unit.  Were you a people-pleaser or the black sheep?  Were you the family mediator or the hero?  

All of these experiences colour our view of the world, and us within it.  So assuming we want to call in a more compelling relationship, experience, or overall future how do we do it?

By getting very specific on what we DO want and then practicing it over and over we start attracting it into our reality. Here’s some tips;

  • Get clear on why it’s important.  REALLY clear.  
  • Write about it in as much detail as possible, see it in your mind’s eye.
  • Make it big.  No-one ever got excited about a mediocre dream, it has to be compelling!
  • How does it positively impact those around you and contribute to others’ lives?  Making it so much bigger than you will help you push through roadblocks when they arise.  
  • Repetition is the mother of mastery, or father if you’re a bloke (unlikely on my page).  So have a visual cue, such as a mood board, or write it out every night before bed, perhaps record an audio of you describing it on your phone so that you can listen back to it.
  • Meditate.  This is the best way to focus your attention on positively attuning your mind to  attraction and manifestation, rather than reverting to `monkey brain’ (our subconscious limiting beliefs).  If you’re an over-thinker, listen to guided meditations to begin with to quieten that inner monkey.
  • Breathe (obviously!) but ensure it’s deep belly breaths.  In through your nose for a slow count of 5, that fills your lungs and engages your diaphragm, and then slowly out  for 5 through your mouth.  

Imagination is a wonderful gift so use it for good, not evil, lovely lady.

Written by
Andrea Davey

Andrea Davey

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