The battle between ego and spirit

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Hmm this is going to be a deep one, so grab a cuppa and once you’ve read it engage me with your thoughts and what it brings up for you; what’s better than a meaty conversation about something that expands our thinking, right?……..

As a human behaviour nerd and mindset coach I am, of course, fascinated with thinking. Specifically, how to change entrenched thought patterns that have been adopted as if they’re part of our personality and unchangeable. Often clients come to me wanting to solve symptoms that their inner critic, thoughts or ego (these terms are interchangeable) have been running amok with for years; these might be around self-worth, self-esteem or not feeling good enough. (In psychological terms, ego is the part of the psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it); think of those habitual responses that have formed that trigger-response loop without us even being aware.

These habitual responses and thought patterns reflect a unique sense of reality determined by an individual’s `lens’ or beliefs i.e upbringing, past events, construed meanings, and attributed emotions and feelings. We all see the world differently based on these filters. Our personal reality, therefore, is based on our belief system and we use this to interpret what we believe to be true about ourselves, others and the world around us. So ingrained within us, in fact, that 90-95% of our thoughts today will be the same as yesterday; unless we choose to live consciously.

We generally know on a spirit level our true potential, desires, and individual expression of what joy means to us, and yet often we can allow our thoughts to control and diminish the very realisation of those desires. For until we reign in our thoughts and align them with spirit, we remain with the inner ego vs spirit tug of war. I like to use an analogy here; are you a passenger in your car, driven by your thoughts and reactions aka `ego?’ Or, are you in the driver’s seat; aware that you are not your thoughts, and conscious to your inner guidance system?

Afterall, being able to call B.S on that inner critic and move forward regardless is vital to living a life on your terms and free from the constraints of unchecked thinking.

So, how can we better manage our thoughts and live with more juice, love, abundance and joie de vivre?

🤔Become a super-sleuth observer of your thoughts without judgement. Be interested, fascinated and curious as you acknowledge and accept these parts of you. Compete only with `yesterday self’ as you bring more awareness to your thoughts and incrementally move the needle by living more consciously.

✔ Notice everything that is great in your life. The more you look out for things to appreciate, the more you will find. Where focus goes, energy flows!

🤗Be fully conscious to the NOW. Delight in the sun streaming through your window, reach for good feeling thoughts first thing in the morning and as often as you can in the day and be conscious when your thoughts are pulling you back to the past, or projecting you into the future. NOW is all we every have, so enjoy it fully and live in the moment.

😒Feeling in a mid-morning slump? Rather than reaching for another coffee, instantly change your physiology by doing some jumping jacks, having a dance to your favourite track, or take the dog for a walk whilst listening to an inspiring podcast. Physiology affects psychology and is the quickest way to re-invigorate yourself.

🦸‍♀️Make conscious decisions and take action. Want to curl up with a good book all afternoon? Do that! Don’t then `logic’ or even worse ‘guilt’ your way out of reaching for that delicious novel or holding sacred that time to immerse yourself in an area of study or interest. Give yourself over fully to the experience. Maybe even add in a nice cuppa, open fire and favourite choccie bar too 😉

Written by
Andrea Davey

Andrea Davey

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